Minnesota’s drinking water sources are in trouble. The House Environment Committee just added to the trouble

HF 1003, the bill that asks you neighbor downstream to clean up your wastewater so you don’t have to, just passed the House Environment Committee. Or in other words, if you want clean drinking water, you have to clean it up because the upstream waste water treatment system doesn’t want to and under HF 1003 doesn’t have to.
The bill prevents the PCA from imposing additional requirements on a new wastewater treatment system for 16 years. Science is telling us about the threats to drinking waters from pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, endocrine disrupters and more coming from wastewater treatment systems. HF 1003 wants Minnesotans to pretend that those threats don’t exist.

The map below is from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and shows all of the wastewater treatment systems in the upper Mississippi River basin, the drinking water source for over a million Minnesotans.