House and Senate conferees have agreed to the worst environment bill ever. It’s title should be “Let’s pretend.”

Conferees finished their work early this morning, May 17. A copy of the proposed new legislation is not yet available but legislators have already heard from the environment community. Their letter to legislators says that the conference committee report for H. F.846 “undermines key policies that protect and restore our air, land, and water….”  The letter lists some of the many problems with the bill and asks legislators to vote against final passage.

The underlying problem is that the House Majority Republican caucus is totally rejecting current science. Science has identified pollutants like nitrogen, phosphorous, and carbon dioxide that are contaminating our water and air. Science has identified problem solving steps. Our Governor and state agencies want to work  on the problem solving steps.

Some of these problem solving steps are difficult so by pretending there is no science or that the science is wrong, the House Republican Caucus doesn’t have to do any problem solving. And their allies who profit from pollution are happy. Unfortunately, this bill doesn’t just pretend there is no science or that the science is wrong, it sets up all sorts of time consuming and expensive procedures to find excuses to continue to do nothing.