Lake Hiawatha and golf course issues are symptoms of a larger problem

Last Friday, October 6, elected officials from the area representing Lake Hiawatha and the golf course held a hearing at the Capitol about water issues and plans to change the recreational opportunities that would be available. We heard testimony from the Park Board, the City, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, and others.

Some of the citizen testifiers brought a different perspective. They told us about the high water levels at Lake Nokomis and constraints on the ability to release water from the Lake. They told us about high ground water levels and wet basements in an area south of Lake Hiawatha. Citizen reports about water percolating up from basement floors was new; it had not happened before. And they are increasing.

While much focus has been on Lake Hiawatha and the golf course, it became clear at the hearing that the issues there are actually symptoms of a larger problem. This area of south Minneapolis is receiving more water than can be managed. All of us need to understand the larger problem before we can designs solutions.

Senator Torres Ray promised to arrange additional hearings at the Capitol.

The citizen comments from James Flescher, Teresa Engstrom and Jere Blanchfield were in writing and you can link them here.